Contribution of FINSA and Sergio Argüelles Gonzalez in Mexican Construction Industry

Growing industrial culture in Mexico has created a scope for the works like, leasing, construction, asset management and another industrial development works. Abundance of industrial parks getting developed in Mexico is the proof that industrial space of Mexico is on an all-time rise. The latest industrial park to join the elite list of Mexican industrial parks is FINSA Guadalupe Industrial Park. This industrial park is amongst the latest and the biggest projects of FINSA.


FINSA is a Mexican estate giant in existence since 1977. It has constructed around 11 million square feet of commercial and industrial buildings in the Mexico, USA and Argentina. With 25 finished industrial park projects under the belt, FINSA is the largest industrial developer in the Mexico. Value for socio-environmental awareness, customer service and constant innovations are the leading factors behind the success of the best industrial developers of Mexico.

Throughout the four decades of working history, FINSA has managed to offer integrated and competent solutions in the real estate market. From site selection to maintenance and operation, FINSA withstand with their clients on every stage. If you are choosing FINSA for your industrial constriction works, then you will get innovative products and services for sure.

FINSA work to become the industrial construction leader in Mexico. FINSA has served to the clients belonging to different industries like logistics, medical, metal-mechanical, aerospace, food, electronic and many others. The primary reason behind the tremendous success of FINSA is the manpower working behind the company. From the CEO of FINSA (CEO de FINSA), to a regular executive, everyone in this company works to their best capacities. However, one name that should be attributed the growth of FINSA is Sergio Arguelles Gonzalez.

Sergio Argüelles Gonzalez

Sergio Argüelles Gonzalez is the CEO and president of FINSA (Presidente de FINSA) he is holding that designation since 2001. He has contributed a lot in the growth and transformation of FINSA. It is because of him FINSA has taken a leap from a family venture to a major international real estate developer. Apart from Mexico, FINSA also operates in USA and Argentina and the credit for this expansion goes to Sergio Arguelles. He established joint ventures with international institutions and financial players to secure FINSA’s growth and access into global business markets. Owing to his contribution, hard work and dedication, FINSA has maintained an annual growth rate of approx. 20 percent.

When talking about rewards, achievements and recognitions, he tops the list there as well.

Sergio Argüelles Gonzalez has won the Good Neighbour Award from the Mexico American Chamber of Commerce back in 1998.

Sergio Arguelles is also a proactive member of many industry associations and organizations like- AMPIP – Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (former vice president), CANACINTRA, AMCHAM, ADI.

He is in the advisory boards of FINSA Foundation, Fundación Niños y Niñas and UDEM.

In the year 2014, Arguelles was declared Entrepreneur of the Year in Mexico.