Tattooing is a form of body modification or body altercation which deliberately change the physical appearance of our body. Reasons include aesthetics, religious beliefs, affiliation to a group, creation of body art, or self-expression. Other types of body modifications include body piercing, photo realism tattoo, ear piercing, teeth tattooing and dermal implants.

Tattoos are painful and getting them is a tough task, while removing them is more painful and costly. One should carefully and meticulously plan their tattoos before getting them itched on their bodies permanently. Tens of hours go into the planning and execution of a perfect tattoo. Tattoos deteriorate and fade as the time passes.

It is important to get the tattoo inked at the right body part and it must compliment the location where it is inked and also the location must justify the type of tattoo etched. If anyone of these things does not correlate, a tattoo seems out-of-place and bad to the onlooker. The trend is now changing and tattoos are now becoming parts of our lifestyle.

While getting a tattoo, sanitation must be taken care of. Since, a tattoo is an intimate process of art and involves needles that would be inserted inside the body, therefore hygiene and sanitation are of utmost importance. H.I.V Aids, Hepatitis, S.T.Ds, Malaria and other diseases are transmitted and spread through blood and syringes and needles are the carriers of those infections and bacteria. Thus, sterilization is important and use of a new needle or sterilized needle should be encouraged while getting inked.

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